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Service above all

Frontenac Technologies offers top-quality products.

Also, the service we provide before, during and after a sale is beyond reproach. Our relationships with our clients are just as important to us as product quality. The Frontenac team is there to advise you every step of the way, from design to inspection. We believe it’s essential to be mindful of each detail, to ensure you have a pleasant buying experience and benefit from rigorous project management. Our team works with you to implement your new lifting system, which we deliver ready for use.


We have the necessary human and material resources to ensure the installation process is worry-free and your lifting system complies with applicable CNESST standards. Our team of engineers and technicians fully installs all our handling systems. Our specialists design structural elements and conduct stress tests before assembling the systems with our CWB-certified welders.

Service above all
Inspection and certification

Inspection and certification

By regularly inspecting your equipment, you ensure the safety of your employees handling heavy loads.

The protection of our customers is our main priority, which is why all installed equipment must be subjected to an initial load test. For legal and safety reasons, it is absolutely mandatory to inspect this type of equipment on a regular basis.

Our team members place great importance on inspecting your devices to ensure their longevity and long-term productivity. Afterwards, we make sure that you are able to resume your activities, as well as answer all your questions.

Repair and Maintenance

Our two main priorities are to ensure the complete safety of our client’s employees and the continued productivity of their cranes, gantries and other handling equipment. Our inspection team remains at your disposal to ensure the proper functioning of your equipment. Regular inspection of your gantries and cranes helps identify any anomalies. In case of an emergency or for a request for additional information, do not hesitate to call us now and we will be able to meet your needs as soon as possible.

In addition to inspection, maintaining your equipment is a crucial step in ensuring its durability and maintaining its superior quality. Regular preventive maintenance guarantees increased safety and efficiency of your equipment. We know that a temporary shutdown of your equipment due to a breakdown can greatly affect the productivity of your business. This is why Frontenac Technologies establishes maintenance schedules and performs them for you. This foresight allows you to reduce the costs of breakdowns in service, in addition to preserving your pace of work.

Finally, we are also experts in repairing cranes, gantries and other handling equipment. Frontenac Technologies has established a team dedicated to the inspection, maintenance and repair of your handling equipment for your urgent needs. Our specialists are on the road to allow you to resume your activities as quickly as possible, and in complete safety.

Repair and Maintenance


There are as many different lifting systems as there are different companies. Our team makes it a priority to advise you properly when designing yours. We place great importance on how the systems are tailored to your demands and how they will meet your requirements. Thus, the staff of Frontenac Technologies is diversified to offer you the following numerous services; CWB certified welders, electromechanical technicians, mechanical engineers and factory managers. These workers with complementary skills pool their know-how to design a lifting system that maximizes your operations, protects your employees while delivering superior design quality. In order to choose well, there are several variables to evaluate:

  • The weight of the product to be handled;
  • The climb speed required;
  • The constraints of the environment;
  • The level of stability required;
  • The precision required when picking up or lowering the load.

Our engineering team supports you in your efforts to collect all the information essential to the research, development and implementation of your handling equipment.

Overhead bridge crane training

Overhead bridge crane training

Frontenac Technologies offers training courses for several handling products. Its flagship training, being compulsory since 2008 in Quebec, is the overhead bridge crane operator course. Our trainers come in person to your company to carry out this training, since it must be carried out with your own equipment.

Do not forget: an employer using overhead bridge cranes is required, and is also held responsible, to train their employees on the handling and safety of overhead cranes.


Other training courses available:

Frontenac Technologies also gives additional training courses not related to overhead bridge cranes. To meet customer demands, Frontenac Technologies offers forklift operator training of all classes, as well as training for operators of all types of lifting platforms, such as scissor lift.

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