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Service above all

Frontenac Technologies offers top-quality products. Also, the service we provide before, during and after a sale is beyond reproach. Our relationships with our clients are just as important to us as product quality. The Frontenac team is there to advise you every step of the way, from design to inspection. We believe it’s essential to be mindful of each detail, to ensure you have a pleasant buying experience and benefit from rigorous project management. Our team works with you to implement your new lifting system, which we deliver ready for use.


We have the necessary human and material resources to ensure the installation process is worry-free and your lifting system complies with applicable CNESST standards. Our team of engineers and technicians fully installs all our handling systems. Our specialists design structural elements and conduct stress tests before assembling the systems with our CWB-certified welders.

Inspection and certification

One of our main objectives is to prevent employee injuries with various lifting techniques and devices. However, these devices need to be inspected on a regular basis, so they remain safe and in good condition. Client protection and safety is essential, which is why we conduct an initial load test and repeat it at every required inspection.



There are as many different lifting systems as there are companies, so we make it a priority to give you the right advice, starting at the design stage. The staff at Frontenac Technologies is varied, with CWB-certified welders, electromechanical technicians, mechanical engineers and manufacturing plant managers. They combine their complementary skills and knowledge to design a lifting system that leverages your existing operations and protects your employees. The Frontenac Technologies team helps you identify and assess all the variables, so you can select the right system for your company.