Underhung overhead travelling cranes

Is this the right system for you?

Not all work environments can accommodate a free-standing overhead travelling crane. In such cases, underhung models can be a great alternative. They offer comparable performance, up to a certain load capacity. These cranes are perfect for complex workspace or building configurations. Of course, before you can install this type of crane, a building construction engineer must approve the additional loads to the facility’s structure.

Free-standing vs. underhung

In certain situations, underhung overhead travelling cranes perform better than free-standing models, for example, in areas where the crane girders are installed directly under the framework instead of mounted on free-standing columns. The runways are suspended from the structure with no floor support, maximizing the floor space. The work areas are therefore free of obstructions, facilitating movement.


Underhung overhead travelling cranes allow you to not only maximize floor space, but also make the most of the building’s width and height. The possible overhangs on both sides of the runways give these models excellent reach, so they can make optimal use of the available width. Furthermore, the end truck and girder selection and design make it possible for the system to reach optimal hook point heights