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Free-standing overhead travelling cranes

Free-standing vs. underhung

There are two main categories of overhead bridge cranes: free-standing and underhung. Each category has its own specific features, which you need to consider before you purchase. Why? To choose a model that truly meets your needs.



Distinguishing characteristics

Generally, free-standing models are not attached to the facility’s structure, which means the roof frame doesn’t have to support the loads, and the crane doesn’t risk weakening the building. This is an important factor to consider, depending on the current condition of your framework and the pressure exerted by the roof’s existing loads.



Because the free-standing overhead travelling crane is not attached to the building structure, installation is less complex. This also provides an ergonomic advantage. If your company makes major changes, you can relocate the crane more easily. Free-standing models are made to support heavier loads, which is why they are so popular on the market.


A variety of lifting applications

Free-standing overhead travelling cranes can be used for multiple and sometimes very complex lifting applications. They are therefore ideal for nonstandard lift trajectories. Some configurations are flexible and can easily be adapted to any work area. Also, the modular design makes it possible to meet the exact needs of various environments.

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