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An effective tube system

Tube lifters are an efficient way to move objects with porous surfaces, like boxes, wood and MDF.

These pick-and-place machines allow you to carry small loads quickly and easily, and are designed to optimize moving speed. The intuitive control handle makes arduous tasks easy.

Invaluable assistance in transition areas

Schmalz tube lifters are specially adapted to maximize work space. Their ergonomic design has a proven track record in various industries. Tube lifters are remarkably versatile and easy to move, which makes them very safe to use. They provide operators with invaluable assistance in moving loads weighing 10 kg (22 lb.) to 300 kg (650 lb.). Plus, they help prevent injuries in the workplace. Tube lifters are perfect for loading, shipping, order picking and palletizing areas.


In the material handling sector, we are the only Quebec distributor of Schmalz products.


Tailor-made products.

Do you have a project requiring particular specifications? Our team can support you in the design, production and installation of products adapted to your needs to meet your handling challenges.


Standards installations (PDF)

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