Lifter strength, human precision

Manipulators are essential to ensure maximum manoeuvrability in all work areas. They make every movement more effective. A manipulator is an extension of the operator. It combines the precision and flexibility of human movement with the power of a machine, for optimal results.

In the material handling sector, we are the only Quebec distributor of Schmalz products.


How do they work?

Manipulators are equipped with mechanical grippers or vacuum suction cups. Suction cups can be combined with an electrical pump or venturi. Frontenac Technologies is the only distributor of Schmalz handling systems in Quebec. We carry their VacuMaster lifting devices and tube lifters. This powerful brand has a proven track record in various industrial sectors. We can also customize every model to meet your specific business needs.

Faster, better

What are the benefits of having a manipulator system in your workspace? The answer is simple: performance. Handling systems significantly improve efficiency. They are the best solution to maintain a brisk pace on the production line, ensure fluid operator movements, and precisely position loads. Plus, with a manipulator, some tasks that usually require two handlers can be carried out by a single worker. In other words, every company resource becomes more efficient and cost-effective.

Workers first

Even though you make every effort to provide a healthy work environment that maximizes performance and prioritizes employee safety, handling and moving loads involves risks. Adding handling systems to the work environment makes operators’ jobs easier, and prevents musculoskeletal disorders resulting from load moving.