Hoists: Efficient and versatile

Hoists are essential lifting system components. They are also versatile and offer an impressive capacity. Frontenac Technologies has a wide selection of hoists to meet the standards of various industrial sectors. Some are electric, with chains or wire ropes, while others are pneumatic or manual. We also provide solutions for food-grade applications as well as explosion-proof technology.

Which model is right for you?

A hoist should meet the needs of your work environment. For example, Frontenac Technologies has hoists that are specially designed for the industrial sector, or for the food processing or pharmaceutical industries. These hoists are made of stainless steel and meet strict cleanliness standards. Other factors that may influence your decision are capacity, lifting height and speed, movement speed (manual or motorized trolley), as well as the available power supply.

STAHL hoists

Frontenac Technologies offers a wide variety of multipurpose models to meet your needs, whatever they may be. We distribute world-class STAHL hoists, among others.

STAHL product strengths

STAHL is a German company that produces high-performance hoists which are particularly compact and easy to maintain. These hoists are manufactured with the utmost care and top-quality components for maximum performance and reliability.

Kito product strengths

Kito products are known for being fast, precise and quiet. They are also easy to maintain and exceptionally robust. These are solid tools.

Columbus McKinnon product strengths

DEMAG product strengths

The hoist that meets your needs

Your work environment has specific needs, and your lifting system should have a hoist that meets them. Wire rope or chain hoists can be used as stationary models, with motorized trolleys or with a custom suspender.