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Production lines, shipping, security, ergonomics and positioning all offer opportunities to optimize handling.







Three models

Frontenac Technologies has three types of jib crane: cantilever jib cranes, tie rod jib cranes and articulated jib cranes. All three can be free-standing or wall-mounted, depending on where the jib crane is located within the work environment.

Frontenac Technologies uses Mantion-Manutention’s cold-rolled steel tracks.. Most jib cranes can be made of painted black steel or stainless steel. This makes them more resistant and durable.

* Food sector: Jib cranes made entirely of stainless steel or steel that is powder-coated with an FDA-approved paint can be used for food-grade applications.

Why opt for a jib crane?

The reasons for using a jib crane are as numerous as they are important. Primarily, these handling tools make it possible to maintain a continuous production pace and ensure safety in all phases of work, the ultimate goal being to protect workers. Jib cranes can move loads vertically, rotate them or move them through various spaces.


Jib cranes facilitate rotation and meet high deflection standards, making it easier to position and move loads. Plus, our jib cranes are space-saving and affordable, and they easily adapt to specific needs.

Frontenac Technologies jib cranes provide rotation of up to 360 degrees and are ready for immediate use. They range in capacity from 50 lb. to 1,000 lb. (25 kg to 500 kg).


Frontenac Technologies offers installation services, as well as certification and maintenance after installation. Highly qualified professionals provide these services. The physical environment requires little to no modification for jib crane installation. Moreover, most of our jib cranes are easy to move after installation.


Frontenac Technologies engineers are exceedingly meticulous in their designs, and our jib cranes comply with the most recent standards and regulations. Our engineers make every effort to ensure the work environment is as safe and ergonomic as possible for workers. Our jib cranes also meet CSA B167-16 standards and comply with good engineering practices.

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