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Working mainly in the industrial sector, Frontenac Technologies offers robust and reliable products.

Both our freight elevators and our material elevators are specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions found in various businesses and factories.

All of our freight elevators, material elevators and dumbwaiters are tailor-made according to your needs. This great flexibility allows the product to be adapted to any type of environment new or existing constructions without additional costs or delays.

Our welders are CWB certified and our products are designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Maintenance can easily be performed by any company specializing in elevator installation or maintenance.



The implementation of high-rise (ex: mezzanine) is often the most efficient and economical way to increase the floor space of a building. The freight elevator then becomes an essential production tool. With this in mind, our team designs products with reliability that exceeds industry standards.



Frontenac Technologies has invested a tremendous amount of time and energy to provide you with a range of quality products. All our products comply with the CSA B44 standard. Our devices are designed using only recognized brand components.


Renovation and compliance

Several incidents occur each year due to non-compliant freight elevators or the improper use of forklifts. Our in-depth knowledge of standards enables our team to help you make your work environment compliant and safe.


Spare parts

Our varied inventory allows us to quickly provide you with the spare parts you need. We also have a wide range of suppliers with whom we work closely to quickly deliver the spare parts you need.

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