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Rolling gantries are lifting devices that are easy to handle in your work environment.

How Does the Gantry Work?

Rolling gantries are lifting devices that are easy to handle in your work environment. Similar to overhead cranes, they are distinguished mainly by their portability and size. The same elements are in essentially all the models we offer: a mobile horizontal structure, the “bridge”, as well as lifting carriages / hoists suspended or installed. The gantry moves using wheels. You can then move it to where it is needed. A hoist can also be added depending on your lifting needs.


The Main Axes of Movement

The gantry crane engages on three main axes of movement: the floor axis, the transverse axis and the vertical axis.

  • The floor axis is the movement made on the ground thanks to the wheels installed at the base of the gantry;
  • The transverse axis, or steering axis, corresponds to the movement of the lifting carriage / hoist;
  • Finally, the vertical axis, commonly called the lifting axis, corresponds to the lifting or lowering of the load.

Products at the Forefront

Rolling gantries are used for transferring and lifting lighter loads, depending on the model chosen. Implementing a rolling gantry system aims on the one hand to increase the efficiency of operations and on the other hand to reduce any risks associated with transporting loads for your employees. Frontenac Technologies ensures excellent profitability and an increased level of security. We offer superior quality products, at the forefront of today’s production. Rolling gantries are versatile and can be easily assembled and disassembled, in addition to being competitively priced products.


Each Work Environment Has Its Specific Needs

Frontenac Technologies offers a large selection of rolling gantry models, with the ultimate goal of meeting all kinds of requirements. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated option that combines precision with leading-edge technology or a basic yet high-quality system, we’ve got you covered.

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