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Ergonomic ceiling-mounted travelling cranes.

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Ergonomic ceiling-mounted travelling cranes

Two ergonomic workstation crane models

Frontenac Technologies offers two types of ergonomic workstation cranes: ergonomic ceiling-mounted travelling cranes and ergonomic free-standing workstation cranes. The main difference between the two is that one is suspended from the building’s structure while the other is installed on the floor. Each model has its own features and capacity. Your choice should be based on your needs and the actions to be performed. Our experts take the time to evaluate your situation and help you make an informed decision.


Modular design

As the name suggests, ceiling-mounted travelling cranes are not anchored to the floor. Instead, they are suspended from roof trusses or the mezzanine, freeing up the workspace below. To guarantee that your ceiling-mounted travelling crane is reliable and performs to your liking, Frontenac Technologies works with Mantion ergonomic tracks. These tracks have cold-rolled enclosed profiles and can support loads of 250 to 2,200 lb (125 to 1,000 kg).


Moving ergonomic ceiling-mounted travelling cranes

Ergonomic ceiling-mounted travelling cranes are an interesting option for companies whose vision includes medium- or long-term operational changes. Their modular design makes it much easier to change the basic structure. They can be adapted to the evolving needs of your operations.


Bridge cranes

Bridge cranes are made of galvanized, black or stainless steel. They can span up to 30 feet wide by the length required (e.g. 300 feet). Depending on your needs, an electric, pneumatic or manual hoist, zero-gravity hoist, or lifting tube is suspended from the bridge crane.

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