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Two ergonomic workstation crane models

ergonomic workstation crane

Ergonomic ceiling-mounted travelling cranes

ergonomic workstation crane

Free-standing overhead travelling cranes

Frontenac Technologies, a leader in Quebec

Today, Frontenac Technologies is a Quebec leader in the integration, sale and installation of ergonomic workstations. We offer a wide range of ergonomic workstation cranes to meet your various handling needs. We also guarantee construction quality, from the smallest component to the process as a whole. Our ergonomic workstation cranes are durable, flexible and efficient, and can perform a variety of complex actions. Ergonomic workstation cranes function optimally, even when multiple lifting units are involved.

Frontenac Technologies and Mantion products

Frontenac Technologies offers the highest-performance products on the market. Among others, we distribute Hercule sliding systems from Mantion SAS, a top manufacturer of ergonomic tracks made of galvanized or stainless steel. These crane girders are ready to install and recognized for their reliability within numerous industries. Mantion is a peerless brand in handling, with a wide array of products adapted to various load ranges.

Handling of heavy loads

To meet the industry’s various requirements, Frontenac Technologies proposes solutions for heavy and light loads. For loads weighing more than 2,200 lb (1,000 kg), we offer standard free-standing overhead cranes with two-speed or variable-speed motorized girders that can easily be installed on the floor.

Handling of light loads

For loads weighing 250 to 2,200 lb (125 to 1,000 kg), Frontenac offers a range of Mantion SAS ergonomic bridge cranes. These manually operated bridge cranes are easy to move, and can be placed on the floor or suspended from roof trusses to free up floor space. Mantion SAS’s Hercule ergonomic tracks have cold-rolled enclosed profiles, which prevent dirt buildup. The free-standing structure from which Mantion runways and trolleys are suspended is entirely custom-designed and manufactured by Frontenac Technologies. Its adaptability sets it apart.

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