Frontenac Technologies

Material handling specialist

Leader in light material handling for the past twenty years, Frontenac Technologies Inc. designs, builds and distributes to the highest manufacturing standards material handling equipment such as jibs, overhead cranes, workstation cranes, monorails, material lifts and industrial manipulators. With our CWB certified welders, our experienced electromechanical technicians supported by our in house mechanical engineers with plant management experience, Frontenac technologies is in a good position to offer all of this material handling expertise to the benefits of its customers.


Frontenac Technologies Inc. offers material handling equipment inspection services,  certification to national standards, installation of overhead cranes, jibs and hoists . We take the time to ask questions, to analyse the work requirements as described by our clients, to propose cost effective solutions and deliver on time and with quality of installation. After the project is completed and running, we follow up with the client to ascertain its satisfaction with the equipment .It is important for us to provide our client with the most cost effective material handling solution for a safe and efficient work environment.

Our mission is to help you eliminate work injury due to poor material handling practices and help you improve your work flow productivity given the work area premises. We are happy when our clients tell us that the equipment we installed allowed them to increase their productivity, at times by 50% and more.

Our material handling equipment are of world renowned quality as well as all our assembly components. Quality of product is our driving motive. Our equipment are known to have low maintenance requirements and to have long lasting live.

Many export driven and world class corporations have benefited from our services. We sell material handling solutions not equipment per se. We are proud to have long lasting relationships with our clients and we do our best to be their material handling experts and be there to provide advice to their management when capital investment is required.


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Our products

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are used to cover large loads to be moved electrically over a wide plant area.


Frontenac technologies will design and build various types of industrial manipulators…

Articulated Jibs

For small workstation where the repetitive movements of loads from 50 kg to 500 kg…


There are handling solutions to lift and move delicate loads with precision…

Monorails & Overhead Conveyors

Frontenac Technologies uses Mantion’s renowned Hercule enclosed track system…

Freight Elevators

Freight elevators of Frontenac technologies are widely used to move loads from floor to top of mezzanine…